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Basketball Uniform Evolution.


My last blog post was about the basketball shoe evolution, but I could not leave out the basketball uniform evolution. The above picture pretty much displays the changes throughout the years. Not only have the jerseys and shorts grown longer, but also the material that they are made from. Before, jerseys were made of polyester nylon. Now days, the basketball jerseys are being made as a T-Shirt design, with stretch woven fabric that is 26 percent lighter than before, and it is pricked with thousands of holes which make them airy as ever.jordanjersey

Personally, I don’t really like the new T-shirt like design, but I do like the concept of the different fabric they are using. The stretchy woven fabric helps us cool down faster because the jersey allows more air to go through it. And the fact that it is lighter is great. I never liked the feeling of a heavy jersey. The new jerseys look really nice on the athletes because of their nice physique, but to own one myself, I wouldn’t be able to pull it off.



Basketball Shoe Evolution.

scotty pippens

The Basketball shoe has gone through so many changes throughout the years. One of the most noticeable changes has been not only in the design/look of it, but in the weight. Back  in the late 90s, one of my first basketball shoes were the Scotty Pippens (left picture) and those shoes were heavy! Especially for a 10 year old girl. I thought all shoes were heavy, so I didn’t complain or even notice.air-jordan-14-xiv-original-og-white-black-varsity-red-2a

Later, I started using Jordans (right picture), which were also a bit heavy. I have to admit, Jordans weren’t really comfortable for me, but I wore them because of the look and brand. As I kept buying shoes throughout the years I noticed that they were getting lighter and lighter. Why didn’t they make shoes lighter back then? Is it not common sense to make shoes lighter so that we are able to run faster?

Now, I own some Nike Hyperfuse, which are super light compared to all my old basketball shoes. To me, they seem to be made of different materials. My first shoes were very rubbery, heavy and stiff. These on the other hand are very sturdy, comfortable, and light. Shoe makers and designers should always consider making shoes as light as possible and of course making them as good looking as possible.


Slow Down for Pedestrians.

Photo Mar 03, 2 44 11 PM

The pictured pedestrian crosswalks are very common in my neighborhood. A few years ago they were not there before, which is surprising because these are right next to schools. One would think that crosswalks should be made there already, but they weren’t.

One main thing that is common with most of these, is that they are all the same; consistent. They all have yellow/orange stripes painted on the floor to let the pedestrian know where they should walk through. The all have the yellow blinking lights with pedestrian signs, and a push button to initiate the blinking yellow lights that are installed on the floor to warn cars to slow down, there is a pedestrian about to walk through.

One of the things I would improve in these types of crosswalks is add an additional electrical sign that says “SLOW DOWN” and maybe change the blinking lights from the floor to a red, for people who are driving their cars to notice them more so that they can completely stop.

Photo Mar 03, 2 52 39 PM

Bikers on concrete road, pedestrians on dirt road.

Photo Mar 03, 2 56 46 PMPhoto Mar 03, 2 56 57 PM

The following pictures are from a trail in my neighborhood. This particular trail is called the Greenway Trail. Before this was built, it used to be a rail road. It was great that they removed it because the train was super loud when it passed by. It was very dangerous to have a train pass by neighborhoods with schools nearby. Now that they built this new trail, many people are able to safely walk and use their bikes on this road.

By the looks of these pictures, it seems unfair that people have to walk on the dirt road. Why didn’t they put cement on the side and create a lane for people to walk? It seems to be like a bad design. When it rains, this dirt road becomes really muddy and people would get mud all over their shoes. Many people walk, jog, and run through this trail, but not so many use their bike, only a few. Regardless of the painted words that say “Bike Lane”, people continue to walk on the bike lane.

I totally understand why the bike lanes need their own lanes, but I think these are too wide. Perhaps they should have divided the road into 3 equally divided parts, or perhaps made the pedestrian road a little more wider. Maybe the designers wanted to encourage people to use bikes more. Overall, I think this trail is great, but the pedestrian road needs to be cement.


This month I was frequently going to the hospital to visit my aunt. Like everyone else, I used the restroom. This restroom in particular though, was different than other ones I have used before. I noticed that the toilet handle was green and the light switch border was red.

photo 1 photo 2

Usually in public restrooms we don’t see these bright colors. The first thought that came to mind when seeing these colors is, “look! Stare at these bright colors.” It’s obvious they put these colors to catch the user’s attention. Now, based on the color choices; green and red, I believe that they want the users to use the handle to flush the toilet and don’t use the light switch. They are telling us that it is important to flush the toilet, and to not forget. On the other hand, it seems like they don’t want us to use the light switch because it’s red. Usually, red means to stop or to warn us of something or use in an emergency. Perhaps they do not want us to use the light switch to turn off the light. I was a bit confused by and I didn’t turn off the light. Maybe it’s to keep the light on for the next user.

These affordances do seem to be both emotional and sensory. Emotional because they surprised me a bit because they stand out and catch my attention. They cause us to observe them and think of using them, or not. After using these affordances I felt like I used them correctly, which made me feel good. They are also sensory because the colors. They obviously get our attention and cause us to look at them and think of how I should use them; carefully.

The iPhone 5s and my emotions.

This week’s topic is about emotional affordances. An emotional affordances gives the user a positive emotional experience. It  delights the user, and gives a “user experience.” Based on that definition, the first emotional affordance that comes to mind is my iPhone 5s from Apple.


This emotional affordance has given me countless of positive emotional experiences. The entire phone gives a great user experience due to its user friendly and easy to use UI and navigation. It is so simple to use that even a child can learn how to use it within minutes. Also, the fact that it has one of the best cameras so far on a mobile phone is great. The quality is one of the best, and I love it. I’ve taken great pictures and video. I am always satisfied with the quality and I have created countless of picture slideshow and videos that I’ve edited to create short movies.

I would say that the top emotions I felt when I first used the  phone was excitement. I felt like a little kid receiving a new toy. I previously had an iPhone 4s and it was a bit slow because of the update to iOS 7. It lagged a little bit, but once I upgraded to the 5s, I enjoyed iOS 7 much more. The colors, and apps give the phone that extra “umph” and cause the phone to stand out and shine. The apps for iOS are another great emotional affordance because each app create a positive experience.

The only thing I would change about this phone is only customization. There are not enough options to change the look and feel of the phone other than the background and lock screen picture. I would love if they would allow us to change the size of the apps, create widgets, change little things here and there. That would be amazing.

Julia’s heartfelt art.

Every piece of art is different and unique, but one thing that is certain of every art piece is that it gives the viewer emotions and causes us to think. I have known Julia for almost 10 years, and throughout the years I have seen her art become what it is now. She has grown into a very talented artist and her art pieces are proof. The following pictures are just a few of her art pieces.

181848_4422459273211_1175528868_n 208914_3623853748572_622527319_n 320487_4059332035257_1231527573_n 1488127_10201838328853493_1638188611_n

I really love her self portrait painting because it really depicts her tough attitude (no offense Julia lol).  Knowing her personally, I can say that she definitely grabs the essence of herself. Her painting techniques are really different from what I’ve seen, and if you were to really get close to these paintings you can see how much paint she used and strokes she did while painting. One of my top favorite paintings are pictured in the bottom right. Each painting has a word written on it: Healer, Yahweh, Grace, Refuge, and Jesus. These words reflect her Christian faith and beliefs and shes was able to express them through her art and share it with the viewer.

Each painting is designed and painted differently whether by using a variety of colors, brush stroke techniques, and type of painting (self-portrait, abstract, etc.) When it comes to design, her art definitely stands out and grabs the viewers attention, which is one of the goals of design. Also, it gives the viewer something pleasant to look at. Design is supposed to please the user’s eyes, which I think Julia does a great job in doing.