Basketball Uniform Evolution.


My last blog post was about the basketball shoe evolution, but I could not leave out the basketball uniform evolution. The above picture pretty much displays the changes throughout the years. Not only have the jerseys and shorts grown longer, but also the material that they are made from. Before, jerseys were made of polyester nylon. Now days, the basketball jerseys are being made as a T-Shirt design, with stretch woven fabric that is 26 percent lighter than before, and it is pricked with thousands of holes which make them airy as ever.jordanjersey

Personally, I don’t really like the new T-shirt like design, but I do like the concept of the different fabric they are using. The stretchy woven fabric helps us cool down faster because the jersey allows more air to go through it. And the fact that it is lighter is great. I never liked the feeling of a heavy jersey. The new jerseys look really nice on the athletes because of their nice physique, but to own one myself, I wouldn’t be able to pull it off.



2 thoughts on “Basketball Uniform Evolution.

  1. thegoat89

    I think the way they are redesigning jerseys is pretty cool. It looks really comfortable and it seems to be a really practical design. It seems like the new design is not restricting the player of any physical body movement while keeping them comfortable. Overall I think it looks awesome but i personally would never wear one.

  2. garcello

    Maybe the female version of the new Jersey is Different Kathy, but it’s interesting to see the evolution of this. I remember how the older Jerseys would have these basketball players with super long legs wear super short shorts, its funny how that seems weird in today’s time.


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