Basketball Shoe Evolution.

scotty pippens

The Basketball shoe has gone through so many changes throughout the years. One of the most noticeable changes has been not only in the design/look of it, but in the weight. Back  in the late 90s, one of my first basketball shoes were the Scotty Pippens (left picture) and those shoes were heavy! Especially for a 10 year old girl. I thought all shoes were heavy, so I didn’t complain or even notice.air-jordan-14-xiv-original-og-white-black-varsity-red-2a

Later, I started using Jordans (right picture), which were also a bit heavy. I have to admit, Jordans weren’t really comfortable for me, but I wore them because of the look and brand. As I kept buying shoes throughout the years I noticed that they were getting lighter and lighter. Why didn’t they make shoes lighter back then? Is it not common sense to make shoes lighter so that we are able to run faster?

Now, I own some Nike Hyperfuse, which are super light compared to all my old basketball shoes. To me, they seem to be made of different materials. My first shoes were very rubbery, heavy and stiff. These on the other hand are very sturdy, comfortable, and light. Shoe makers and designers should always consider making shoes as light as possible and of course making them as good looking as possible.



2 thoughts on “Basketball Shoe Evolution.

  1. thegoat89

    Im going to start off by saying that I have never really played basketball for fun or competitively. I do not understand what is the obsession with basketball shoes. They have always been really ugly and big. I find it weird that people are obsessive over them by collecting them. They might be comfy shoes but i think i rather chop my foot off then wear basketball shoes everyday or even just to play basketball.

  2. garcello

    Yeah i’m gonna have to agree with the goat on this one, as for basketball as the sport it self it can get quite fun to play but the whole shoe thing is kind of lame. I don’t understand how people will pay so much money to collect basketball shoes just so that they can never wear them but hey we all have our things. As for those first two shoes, in my opinion they are quite ugly.


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