Bikers on concrete road, pedestrians on dirt road.

Photo Mar 03, 2 56 46 PMPhoto Mar 03, 2 56 57 PM

The following pictures are from a trail in my neighborhood. This particular trail is called the Greenway Trail. Before this was built, it used to be a rail road. It was great that they removed it because the train was super loud when it passed by. It was very dangerous to have a train pass by neighborhoods with schools nearby. Now that they built this new trail, many people are able to safely walk and use their bikes on this road.

By the looks of these pictures, it seems unfair that people have to walk on the dirt road. Why didn’t they put cement on the side and create a lane for people to walk? It seems to be like a bad design. When it rains, this dirt road becomes really muddy and people would get mud all over their shoes. Many people walk, jog, and run through this trail, but not so many use their bike, only a few. Regardless of the painted words that say “Bike Lane”, people continue to walk on the bike lane.

I totally understand why the bike lanes need their own lanes, but I think these are too wide. Perhaps they should have divided the road into 3 equally divided parts, or perhaps made the pedestrian road a little more wider. Maybe the designers wanted to encourage people to use bikes more. Overall, I think this trail is great, but the pedestrian road needs to be cement.


2 thoughts on “Bikers on concrete road, pedestrians on dirt road.

  1. danmamedia

    I was so surprised when they added these to some of the areas behind the bookstore on campus. Great for the bikers if they added these to the park. I don’t want them on my roads though!

  2. thegoat89

    Yea it seems like a really bad design for them to just have cement for just the bike lane. It also creates a safety problem when people want to walk in the bike lane, ive had plenty of times where ive almost hit people on my bike because they are dumb and were walking on the bike lanes. They really do need to fix that.


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