This month I was frequently going to the hospital to visit my aunt. Like everyone else, I used the restroom. This restroom in particular though, was different than other ones I have used before. I noticed that the toilet handle was green and the light switch border was red.

photo 1 photo 2

Usually in public restrooms we don’t see these bright colors. The first thought that came to mind when seeing these colors is, “look! Stare at these bright colors.” It’s obvious they put these colors to catch the user’s attention. Now, based on the color choices; green and red, I believe that they want the users to use the handle to flush the toilet and don’t use the light switch. They are telling us that it is important to flush the toilet, and to not forget. On the other hand, it seems like they don’t want us to use the light switch because it’s red. Usually, red means to stop or to warn us of something or use in an emergency. Perhaps they do not want us to use the light switch to turn off the light. I was a bit confused by and I didn’t turn off the light. Maybe it’s to keep the light on for the next user.

These affordances do seem to be both emotional and sensory. Emotional because they surprised me a bit because they stand out and catch my attention. They cause us to observe them and think of using them, or not. After using these affordances I felt like I used them correctly, which made me feel good. They are also sensory because the colors. They obviously get our attention and cause us to look at them and think of how I should use them; carefully.


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