The iPhone 5s and my emotions.

This week’s topic is about emotional affordances. An emotional affordances gives the user a positive emotional experience. It  delights the user, and gives a “user experience.” Based on that definition, the first emotional affordance that comes to mind is my iPhone 5s from Apple.


This emotional affordance has given me countless of positive emotional experiences. The entire phone gives a great user experience due to its user friendly and easy to use UI and navigation. It is so simple to use that even a child can learn how to use it within minutes. Also, the fact that it has one of the best cameras so far on a mobile phone is great. The quality is one of the best, and I love it. I’ve taken great pictures and video. I am always satisfied with the quality and I have created countless of picture slideshow and videos that I’ve edited to create short movies.

I would say that the top emotions I felt when I first used the  phone was excitement. I felt like a little kid receiving a new toy. I previously had an iPhone 4s and it was a bit slow because of the update to iOS 7. It lagged a little bit, but once I upgraded to the 5s, I enjoyed iOS 7 much more. The colors, and apps give the phone that extra “umph” and cause the phone to stand out and shine. The apps for iOS are another great emotional affordance because each app create a positive experience.

The only thing I would change about this phone is only customization. There are not enough options to change the look and feel of the phone other than the background and lock screen picture. I would love if they would allow us to change the size of the apps, create widgets, change little things here and there. That would be amazing.


2 thoughts on “The iPhone 5s and my emotions.

  1. thegoat89

    I agree that the Iphone 5 does a good job making it easy for users to navigate and use on a daily basis. They really did a good job to make it accessible to any person and just use it. Even though i hate Apple and everything they stand for, they do have a good product.

  2. garcello

    You truly seem happy about your apple lame phone, you talk about it as if it is your child or lover, I truly can’t decide. But hey I do like my phone as well but I don’t think I have an emotional connection to it like you. Since you are expressing such a positive emotion towards your phone perhaps my next phone should be an iphone as well………………………… Noooot. I respect Steve jobs though just in case you were wondering.


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