Julia’s heartfelt art.

Every piece of art is different and unique, but one thing that is certain of every art piece is that it gives the viewer emotions and causes us to think. I have known Julia for almost 10 years, and throughout the years I have seen her art become what it is now. She has grown into a very talented artist and her art pieces are proof. The following pictures are just a few of her art pieces.

181848_4422459273211_1175528868_n 208914_3623853748572_622527319_n 320487_4059332035257_1231527573_n 1488127_10201838328853493_1638188611_n

I really love her self portrait painting because it really depicts her tough attitude (no offense Julia lol).  Knowing her personally, I can say that she definitely grabs the essence of herself. Her painting techniques are really different from what I’ve seen, and if you were to really get close to these paintings you can see how much paint she used and strokes she did while painting. One of my top favorite paintings are pictured in the bottom right. Each painting has a word written on it: Healer, Yahweh, Grace, Refuge, and Jesus. These words reflect her Christian faith and beliefs and shes was able to express them through her art and share it with the viewer.

Each painting is designed and painted differently whether by using a variety of colors, brush stroke techniques, and type of painting (self-portrait, abstract, etc.) When it comes to design, her art definitely stands out and grabs the viewers attention, which is one of the goals of design. Also, it gives the viewer something pleasant to look at. Design is supposed to please the user’s eyes, which I think Julia does a great job in doing.


2 thoughts on “Julia’s heartfelt art.

  1. danmamedia

    I really like the pictures in the top left corner. The strokes of black are so striking on the the primary colors.

    The painting of the red shoe is great too. Your friend’s work is inspiring.

  2. thegoat89

    Wow, your friend is very talented. This comes from me having a background with a bunch of friends that do paintings, and I can easily say that she is very talented. Her art seems to have much depth and emotion.


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