Street Art. Perspective Art.


I ran across this picture on twitter last week. It caught my eye because, well, it looks amazing. The artist is named Edgar Mueller (Check out his website at I’m just blown away by his talent. What an amazing piece of art, it really does look real; real enough to cause me to walk around it. The only catch to this art is that you have to be viewing it from the correct angle to be able to get a full feel of it. This type of art gives the viewer all kinds of thoughts and emotions. It excites us and in a way makes us feel a bit cautious.

This type of art would be great in corporate  buildings because it would give the feel of the building a little edge and excitement to it, instead of it being bland and boring. Also, it would be great to have something like this on the Cal Poly Pomona campus. Students would definitely love this and it would actually attract people to come see it and visit the campus.

The only downfall of this art is if the viewer is not standing in the right angle or position, they won’t be able to see the greatness of this piece of art.


2 thoughts on “Street Art. Perspective Art.

  1. thegoat89

    I agree that this art would be really cool to see on buildings or in usually boring public areas. It would bring some life into our dull culture. These are the type of things we can look at and be inspired and realize how some small things like art can be a very beautiful thing and how life is great.

  2. garcello

    I kind of disagree with the corporate building idea, i mean unless it was a building or place of business with an artistic vibe or encouraged art it would feel kind of unprofessional. I also think that art should not only be in museums, although Grafitti has a whole negative conotation to it, art like this does not and would be great to have at our campus. About what you said with the angle, it would be weird at first but it would make for great conversation with strangers to educate them on how to view the art.


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