Click To Drink.

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I never really liked the water bottles that needed the top to be pulled open to drink, so I bought this cool water bottle made by a company called Contigo at Costco. It only cost $8 because it came with 3. I  really liked the design and concept of clicking on the button to make the mouth piece open and appear. This is a great physical affordance that does not fail. A Physical affordance is a feature that gives a clue to use and helps to operate a device.

This water bottle has a hard plastic straw attached to the top cap and a soft plastic covered mouth piece. To use, one must click on the outer button and sip/suck on the mouth piece to drink. This is a great idea because if the bottle tips over it will not spill. This solves the water spill problem that many other water bottles have. Also, you don’t have to open the top with your hands. With this bottle, ones fingers or hands do not need to touch the mouth piece at all. Plus, it’s covered and protected. It’s not exposed until one decides to click on the button to expose the mouth piece. This affordance does not need a label because it is obvious to the user that in order to operate this one must click on the only button found on the bottle. Once the button is clicked the mouth piece pops up and you are able to drink from it. Once the user is done all one must do is push down the mouth piece and it will close. It’s simple and easy to use. I’d recommend this product to anyone, especially college students because we are always on the go and we need to drink lots of  water.


2 thoughts on “Click To Drink.

  1. thegoat89

    I personally have the same water bottle and it is great. Its design is very simple and gets the job done. It keeps water from spilling when not in use, and makes it easy to drink from. What more could someone ask for.

  2. garcello

    Interesting Blog Kats!, although my only concern is does your saliva get saved up around the little thing that pops out? If it’s your own saliva that is cool and all but what if we are in class and i come barging in all sweaty because i did a triathlon and i’m like Kathy i’m thirsty i need some water now!!!! take your bottle and take a big gulp, wouldn’t my Saliva get stuck in there? i’m sure you wouldn’t want to drink Water plus my saliva so if that’s the case then I wouldn’t get this bottle but if not then it seems like a great bottle.


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