Pull-Up Bar Fail.

I hate exercising. This wasn’t the case eight years ago. I was very athletic most of my life, and grew up playing recreational sports as a kid up until high school.  After my first year of community college, I decided to quit basketball for good. I never planned to completely stop exercising all together, but I did. I never realized how much of an impact it would have on my health. I’m not overweight, but I am definitely not fit or conditioned. I’m sluggish, lazy, and tired most of the time. Lately, I’ve been trying to get back into it, but it is very difficult because I have no motivation or anyone for support to help me.

photo 1 (2)

A few months ago I ordered the P90X workout program. My 2 younger brothers wanted to do it as well, so I had the support and motivation I needed to do it. I bought all the equipment needed (except the Yoga blocks and matt). The first day we had to use the pull-up bar and do sets of however many we could do. I had purchased a Gold’s Gym pull-up bar, and it worked great the first day, but as time went by and the more we used it I noticed the end parts of the bar, where it meets the door’s border, started to rip. The soft foam support that pressed against the door walls were falling aprt and caused the metal part to start scratching the door wall and leaving marks.

photo 3 (2)photo 2 (2)

The design of this pull-up bar fails in this area. If they were to change that part and replace it with something more sturdy that doesn’t rip easily after a few uses, then the product would be great. I have seen other pull-up bars with better support and don’t have this issue, but they are a bit more expensive than the one I purchased. I guess I got what I paid for; a low quality pull-up bar. Next time I should invest in a good quality pull-up bar instead of trying to save a few bucks.

bar2 bar1


2 thoughts on “Pull-Up Bar Fail.

  1. thegoat89

    Yea i found that many of these pull up bars really suck. I personally have been looking around on buying a power rack(I think thats what they are called). They are pretty much like this big metal thing you can hang on and do pull ups and a few other body exercises. Pretty much thats all you need. Using your body to do exercises is pretty tiring if done right. I would recommend getting one of those instead, but they are a lil pricey compared to those door pull up bars(cost around $80 for a cheap one).

  2. garcello

    Interesting we did our blog on a similar item, its great that you actually own one. you’re able to truly show it’s bad design quality. I personally don’t trust those things though, every time i’m on one I don’t feel save pulling myself up.


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