Treadmill Gaming?

I have a treadmill at home that I’ve only used less than 10 times  in the 2 years that I’ve had it. I always make an excuse not to use it, but usually it’s because it’s boring to run on the treadmill. I do listen to music while I run, but yet I find myself feeling bored because of what I see in front of me; nothing. I thought, what if there were a treadmill with a huge screen in front of it and make it interactive while you’re running.

photo voyager_01

The picture on the left is my current treadmill. As you can see, there’s nothing really outstanding about it other than the small screen it has to view the TV. After researching if anyone thought of a new drastic design, I found “The Voyager” (picture to the right). It is a futuristic looking treadmill designed  by  Il-Yep Soon.  The Voyager, according to, is “a smart-treadmill that features a large screen and interactive system that together simulate the user’s favorite places to run. Pairing with your smartphone, you can even play games or challenge your friends in an endless library of programs and settings.”

This new design reminds me of virtual reality gaming, and the Xbox Kinect. I believe this is where exercise machines and equipment is headed. It would be an intergration of a exercising and gaming. I know there are already exercising games for the Xbox kinect, but I think the actual exercising machines and equipment in today’s fitness gyms should start investing in treadmills like this. I would definitely use this, as well as many others. For sure no one will say that the treadmill is boring.


2 thoughts on “Treadmill Gaming?

  1. thegoat89

    Treadmills are boring, I agree that they definitely need a change in their design. I think I would rather run outside do to all the things going on outside. I would never be bored just looking at trees and enjoying fresh air. I have a treadmill and i hate using it because the room i use it in becomes a furnace due to me breathing in the same hot air with no circulation. Of course this problem might be fixed if i just put it in another room, but who knows.

  2. garcello

    Yeah I would be totally down to run in one of those, I feel like it would really encourage me to workout if I had some kind of game or program to distract me while running. Personally I don’t like treadmills either since they make that weird sound, I prefer the outside with some fresh air when I do decide to run.


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