Do it for the Vine.


Another app I love to use every day is Vine. This app allows you to record about 6 seconds of video and infinitely loops it, until you decide to tap it once to pause it. It’s ADDICTING, especially if the video is really funny, and the creator of that video makes other funny videos, and you end up watching video after video for hours. Then you find other funny Vine users who make funny videos as well, and you end up wasting another hour watching more Vines. It’s a vicious cycle. I’ve posted a couple of my own Vine videos, but they aren’t funny at all. I mostly “re-vine” videos, and they show up on my profile so people who follow me can watch them as well. When I re-vine a vine, other people will be aware of other Vine users and will start following them.

photo 5

My Vine profile

Vine is a great app, but it has a few downfalls. Like Instagram, I would love for it to have the easy alphabet look up bar to the right side. It would make looking up followers, or those who follow me, easier and faster to look up. But one of the most important things I would like for Vine to implement is a minimized video size. What I mean by that is having a thumbnail version of the videos displayed in the profile section.  In a Vine user’s profile, videos are enlarged, just like in the home page feed, and one has to keep scrolling down to find the video they want to see. There should be an option to minimize all the user’s videos so that it will be easier to search and choose the video one wants to see. It would be very much like Instagram’s user profile. Whenever someone visits another profile, you are able to see all pictures and videos in a thumbnail size, and are able to choose which video or picture to enlarge and see. It would save a lot more time, and faster to find what one is looking for. Perhaps vine can add another tab to the user profile. It has 2 tabs: “Posts” and  “likes”. They should add more tabs for a different view , or for sorting videos in different categories.


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