Late gram.


One of my most favorite apps to use every day is Instagram. It’s one of the top apps used by millions of people who use  iOS and Android platforms. It is very user friendly and easy to use. Navigating through the app is simple and anyone can learn how to use it within just a few minutes.  I love almost everything about it except for two things.

photo 2

My Instagram profile.

One of the things I would improve is profile customization. It would be great if we could change the background color of our profile, maybe change the color font, or even change the layout of it. Everyone likes to be different and unique and I think this idea would bring out a profile personality to each user.

The second thing I would improve is the follower/following section. I follow 300 + people, and every time I want to look them up I have to keep scrolling down until I find their username. It would be great if either the usernames would be ordered by alphabet instead of order of when they followed me (chronological) and if there was an alphabet search bar on side (just like iPhone contacts is) It would save many people so much time, and it would actually encourage people to use Instagram more and visit user profiles.

photo 3   photo 4

I’m a bit surprised though, that Instagram has not implemented one of these things because I do recall them having it at one point in the beginning of the early Instagram days. I believe this is very past due.


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