Monthly Archives: January 2014

Sitting up, Sitting down.

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I have read that sitting down for too long decreases the longevity of your life, and that caused me to be concerned. I tend to sit down for more than 3 hours daily. Usually, when I’m sitting down, it is because I’m using my laptop or desktop to work on homework or just for entertainment.

So I thought, if I know I have to be sitting down for hours working on things for school, and I want to live a long life, then I should make a habit of standing up once in a while. Tried it, but I got too lazy to do it again. I was too comfortable sitting down.

I’m sure this design concept has been thought about, but there should be a desk and chair that extend its height. The legs are able to stretch up and extend so that I am able to stand up with it. It is very much like a high desk, but you are able to bring it back down. Also, the desk would include wheels/rollers on the bottom so that you can move the desk anywhere in your room. I’m sure someone has thought of this and brought it to life, but I haven’t seen them in the market.